Tuesday’s Pre-Election Day Headlines

  • Streetsblog‘s own Kea Wilson has you covered on the most important transit-related items on ballots today, including referendums in California; Gwinnett County, Georgia; Missoula, Montana; Portland; Austin; and Seattle.
  • If Joe Biden wins, he’ll incentivize electric vehicles and enforce stronger regulations on tailpipe emissions. In contrast, President Trump weakened emissions standards and hasn’t come through on a promised $2 trillion infrastructure package. (Axios)
  • Axios says that how the candidates would regulate self-driving cars is unclear, but a new commission of business leaders and policy experts has formed to recommend a global framework. (Reuters)
  • In related news, Waymo released data on over 6 million miles’ worth of autonomous vehicle tests that showed 18 collisions, 29 near-misses and no injuries. The company contends most were humans’ fault. (The Verge)
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration insists on blaming the victim rather than requiring structural changes to street design that would make pedestrians safer. (Next City)
  • One of the major issues on the ballot today is California’s Prop 22, which would overturn a state law classifying gig workers as employees with benefits. The Los Angeles Times has an overview. Uber and Lyft have spent more than $200 million pushing the initiative (Business Insider), including $400,000 on “independent” studies they’ve used in their ad campaign (CNET). The recession could aid gig-economy companies, because drivers are grateful for whatever meager scraps they can get (Buzzfeed). Regardless of the outcome, Massachusetts could be the next battleground (Boston Globe).
  • Federal policy encourages disjointed, inefficient transit systems like the one in Dallas, but that could change after the election. (D Magazine)
  • Add Philadelphia’s Indego (Voice), Pacers in Indianapolis (WTHR) and Cy Ride in Ames, Iowa (Tribune) to the list of bike-shares offering free or discounted rides to the polls today.
  • Citi Bike is back in Miami, with sanitizer. (Herald)
  • A monorail? In Maryland? Sounds like more of a Springfield idea. (Fox 45)
  • Here’s some cuteness to lower your blood pressure: Portland held a contest for schoolchildren to design new bike-lane markings. (Bike Portland)


Photo:  Mike Liu/Flickr

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