Thursday’s Headlines Hear That Train A’ Comin’

  • Transit systems are in danger of falling into a death spiral and need government support as part of a green, sustainable economic recovery. (Policy Options)
  • Think cities don’t privilege drivers over transit riders? A monthly transit pass in the 30 largest U.S. cities costs an average of $77, while a monthly parking pass costs $2.25. And that doesn’t even take into account cities where on-street parking is free. (City Observatory)
  • The West Coast wildfires are a reminder of the need to take cars off the road to protect our air quality. (National Resources Defense Council)
  • Desperate for revenue to repair roads while motorists are staying off the road, some states are raising the gas tax. (USA Today)
  • Contractors have stopped work on the Purple Line and are preparing to walk off the job as they negotiate a settlement with Maryland on cost overruns. (Washington Post)
  • A new report from a transit advocacy group calls for the Pittsburgh Port Authority to let low-income people ride fare-free and tweak routes to meet pandemic-related changes in demand. The program would work by letting Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program-eligible riders show their EBT cards to board. (Post-Gazette)
  • Portland transportation officials are studying four different options for congestion pricing. While one of the goals is to change driver behavior, about two-thirds of commuters don’t have any choice but to drive. E-bikes could give them an alternative. (Bike Portland)
  • Austin TV station KVUE interviews Mayor Steve Adler and Cap Metro board chairman Wade Cooper about the upcoming $7 billion Project Connect transit referendum.
  • A new method of building tunnels will shave almost a year off the construction time for Brightline’s West Palm Beach-to-Orlando extension. (Construction Dive)
  • Ridership on the recently reopened — and free — Cincinnati streetcar is starting to tick up. (WKRC)
  • Workers discovered the century-old remains of a Native American woman during construction on the Orange County streetcar. (NBC Los Angeles)
  • Want to start commuting by bike? Here’s how to do it with confidence. (Bicycling Magazine)


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