Monday’s Headlines to Start Your Week

  • Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and other key Democrats are backing transit agencies’ pitch for $32 billion in coronavirus relief funding, although Republicans have not included it in their bill. (Washington Post)
  • Paint won’t cut it — to get most people to bike, you have to provide barriers to separate them from cars. (ITS International)
  • Transit agencies and tech companies alike are eager to popularize one-stop-shop apps for purchasing tickets. Just one problem: as with many startups, no one is sure how the service will ever make any money. (Bloomberg)
  • A British railway board is working with a crowd modeling company to examine the effectiveness of social distancing on trains and in stations. It’s predicting one infection every 11,000 trips. (International Railway Journal)
  • AAA tested several autonomous cars and found that they’re prone to hitting stalled vehicles in their path. (The Hill)
  • Uber now makes more money from delivery than ride-hailing. (Forbes)
  • The National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) has new guidance for designing streets that are safer for kids. New Yorkers will certainly push Mayor Bill de Blasio on this.
  • Do your homework, talk to your neighbors, be prepared for opposition and more advice for advocating for bike lanes from Bicycling Magazine.
  • Utah Transit Authority ridership is starting to rebound, but is still 68 percent below pre-COVID levels. (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Traffic in Boston was down 60 percent earlier in the pandemic, but is almost back to normal now. (Globe)
  • Chicago is on pace to match last year’s 40 pedestrian deaths despite dramatically fewer cars on the road. (WTTW)
  • Minneapolis could have built three bus rapid transit lines for the $129 million it’s already spent on the now-endangered Bottineau Blue Line. (
  • Portland is looking at three potential routes to extend its streetcar. (Hollywood Star)
  • Cincinnati is using murals to calm traffic and create a sense of place in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. (Soapbox)
  • The Onion spoofs COVID-era urban planning and L.A. car culture at the same time.


Menendez: Transit Agencies Need Help Escaping Tax-Shelter Trap

Lingering questions over the role that tax shelters played in the D.C. Metro crash continue to pique congressional interest in helping local transit agencies break free of lease deals with Wall Street. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) has just written to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) — who is working on a new funding package […]

Feds Still Forcing Transit Agencies to Bow to Private Charter Buses

Streetsblog Capitol Hill reported yesterday that the U.S. DOT would end a Bush-era mandate to reward new transit projects for using private contractors — but a similar pro-privatization rule for bus service remains in effect, preventing local transit agencies from competing with private charter companies. Fairgoers in Minnesota depart a private charter bus that benefited […]