Friday’s Headlines

  • The U.S. is playing catchup with the rest of the world when it comes to bike infrastructure. (Engineering)
  • Uber has introduced a new model of self-driving car it claims is safer. The manufacturer, Volvo, predicts that a third of the cars it sells will be autonomous by the mid-2020s. (CNBC)
  • Curbed outlines three funding options to improve Boston transit: a gas tax hike, more tolls and congestion pricing.
  • New York City’s minimum wage law for Uber and Lyft drivers is working, raising driver pay by more than $2 and hour so far, but drivers say they’re still struggling. (BuzzFeed)
  • The TEXRail commuter train extension came in $90 million under budget, and Fort Worth’s transit agency wants to keep the money. (Star-Telegram)
  • If Portland wants to eliminate traffic deaths by 2025, it has a lot of work to do on the east side. That’s where two-thirds of fatal crashes happen. (KOIN)
  • A planned Orange County, Calif., streetcar line runs through a lot of neighborhoods at risk of gentrification, but officials don’t seem too concerned about displacing longtime residents. (Next City)
  • The American Heart Association supports protected bike lanes and pedestrian plazas in Philadelphia because biking reduces the risk of a heart attack by 15 percent. (Inquirer)
  • Seattle officials continue to hear complaints about how dangerous 35th Avenue is, months after nixing proposed bike lanes there. (MyNorthwest)
  • K-12 students in Sacramento can get a free transit pass for one year. (Bee)
  • An anti-rail activist in Phoenix thinks God smote Rep. Ed Pastor for his support of mass transit (Arizona Republic). Maybe we should all go back to riding donkeys, as the Lord intended.
  • If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: Every NIMBY’s speech ever. (McSweeney’s)

1 thought on Friday’s Headlines

  1. If absurdities make you laugh, the transcript of God talking to his “daughter” about smiting the light rail promoter, will do so. Not his death by heart attack, but the “G.” to “D.” dialogue explaining why God is so involved with the minutiae of transit policy is weird.

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