Wednesday’s Headlines

  • Jacobin offers a convincing argument that Uber is a scam: It’s losing billions with no end in sight, susceptible to PR hits, undercharging customers, susceptible to regulations that would increase costs and admits autonomous cars are unlikely to save the day. Plus, most “unicorn” IPOs wind up failing. In other words, the demands of Uber drivers who plan to strike, picket and protest today are the company’s worst nightmare. (City Lab)
  • A federal infrastructure deal runs the risk of leaving out rural Americans and displacing people in low-income neighborhoods. (City Limits)
  • San Francisco light rail is on time barely half the time — less on many of the most popular routes. (Curbed) Challenges for Muni also including catching up on maintenance and hiring more drivers. (Chronicle) Meanwhile, an unrelated San Francisco study found that low-income people, people of color and seniors are most at risk when walking. (Mobility Lab)
  • Although Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has set aside $10 million for bike infrastructure and organized several National Bike Month events, cycling advocates say he’s not doing enough. (Herald)
  • New Orleans would double the number of rental bikes and increase bus service under Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s new transportation strategy. (The Advocate; Streetsblog)
  • A Southwest Pennsylvania commission’s new 25-year transportation plan includes $14 billion worth of transit projects and $17 billion worth of road projects. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
  • Hillsborough County, Fla., will use a state grant to study a bus rapid transit line connecting downtown Tampa and the University of South Florida. (Tampa Bay Times)
  • Traffic deaths are rising, and experts are going into schools to teach students how to navigate streets safely on foot and bikes. Imagine if the city required drivers to pull a Billy Madison. (Washington Post)
  • Should San Diego spend more money on highways or transit? Take a wild guess which side Streetsblog comes down on. (Fox 5)
  • Meet the Fellowship of the Rim: Columbus, Ohio’s four remaining bike couriers. (Dispatch)

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