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On to the headlines:

  • Lots of news out of Tampa recently: The Tampa Bay Times runs down the 11 most dangerous intersections for people on bikes, and — get this — most of them are in areas where many people can’t afford cars. One mayoral candidate wants to use the city’s share of a recently approved sales tax to extend a streetcar line. (Florida Politics) And WFTS reports on Tampa’s Critical Mass rides and a viral Facebook post asking for more sidewalks.
  • With Lyft now the nation’s largest e-scooter rental provider, Uber is looking to acquire either Bird or Lime. It already owns a minority share in the latter. (The Verge)
  • Manufacturers are launching an ad campaign to urge Democrats and Republicans to work together on infrastructure in 2019. (Bloomberg)
  • In response to Albuquerque drivers killing 67 pedestrians so far this year, police are cracking down, not on drivers, but on people crossing outside a crosswalk — even at intersections where there are no crosswalks. (KOAT)
  • San Diego politician and talk-show host Carl DeMaio — one of the most vocal critics of California’s recent gas-tax hike — is gathering signatures to put ending state funding for high-speed rail on the ballot in 2020. (Curbed)
  • After a bumpy start, Pittsburgh’s bike-share is expanding next spring to 175 stations and 750 bikes. (Post-Gazette)
  • Acknowledging that bike and pedestrian interests are often intertwined, the Savannah (Ga.) Bicycle Coalition has changed its name to BikeWalk Savannah to better reflect its mission of safer streets for all users. (Connect Savannah)
  • West Palm Beach, Fla. (WPTV) and Macon, Ga. (NBC 41) are the latest cities to embrace Vision Zero.

3 thoughts on Thursday’s Headlines

  1. From the Tampa Bay Times story on most dangerous intersections.”Bike lanes aren’t a cure-all, though. A dozen cyclists have been injured and one killed since 2011 at W Hillsborough and Lois, where
    there are bike lanes. That’s why other measures to slow down car traffic, such as reducing speed limits and redesigning roadways to discourage speeding are so important, said Christine Acosta, founder of
    Pedal Power Promoters, LLC, which pushes for bike-friendly initiatives in the region.”
    Managing speed is the single greatest thing we can do to achieve zero deaths and serious injuries on our roadways,” Acosta said.

    Instead “Hillsborough officials are working with the Florida Department of Transportation on a plan to add crosswalks and widen sidewalks to accommodate cyclists along a stretch of W Hillsborough.” It’s as if these traffic engineers (because calling them transportation planners is a stretch too wide to cross) have never read the studies showing sidewalks-especially with numerous driveway cuts and intersections are the most dangerous place to bicycle.

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