Tuesday’s Headlines

  • Pensacola, Fla., is the self-admitted poster child for killing a downtown with too much parking. The city has brought in Donald Shoup, who literally wrote the book on parking, to get rid of off-street parking requirements and charge for on-street parking — and spend that revenue on public services. (News Journal)
  • Cincinnati, Seattle, Buffalo and Cleveland are among other cities saying “no” to parking minimums. (Next City)
  • Minneapolis politicians are worried about crime because homeless people are riding transit, even though violent crimes are down. Instead of beefing up the police presence, maybe the city should consider building more shelters. (Star Tribune)
  • St. Louis-area officials also want more cops on Metrolink trains — again, mainly due to perception, not reality. (KPVI)
  • Good news for transit funding: The campaign to repeal California’s new gas tax is running out of  cash as GOP honchos redirect funds to vulnerable candidates. (L.A. Times)
  • Nine of the 10 most dangerous spots for bike riding in Washington are in Seattle. The study doesn’t take into account whether there are more people biking in Seattle versus other parts of the state, though. (My Northwest)
  • Bike-shares are expanding in Boston (Curbed), Cedar Rapids (The Gazette) and Memphis (Flyer).
  • D.C. residents love Capital BikeShare’s new e-bikes — at least, the users on Twitter do. (Mobility Lab)
  • Augusta, Ga. is spending some of a transportation-sales-tax windfall on bike and pedestrian projects in the urban core, but mostly it’s roads. (Chronicle)
  • Cranky bike-hating newspaper publisher Keith Crain is yelling at clouds again. Will someone get off his lawn already! (Deadline Detroit)

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