Today’s Headlines

  • Massachusetts Budget Includes More Funding for Transit (WAMC 1, 2)
  • Chapel Hill-Durham Light Rail Route May Lose Funding (WRAL)
  • Henry County Leaders Hope for Transit Expansion South of Atlanta (Herald)
  • DC Metro’s Ban on Paying Fares With Cash Has Some Riders Worried (WTOP)
  • Suburban Kansas City Residents Fight for Trees Instead of a Road Widening (Star)
  • Uber and Lyft Oppose Baton Rouge Ride-Hailing Regs (Advocate)
  • Not Everyone Wants Google to Make Toronto a “Smart City” (Digital Journal)
  • Maglev Trains Make More Sense Than Ever (The Guardian)
  • Twitter Rant About the Media Makes Elon Musk a Hero to Anti-Semites (Jalopnik)

3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. The standard wherein one is responsible for those who endorse some or all of their Tweets/feelings/words/etc is a completely idiotic one.
    Musk is suspicious of the media. Nazis are suspicious of the media, therefore what?
    It is the worst sort of media malpractice to attempt to imply some sort of alignment or connection between the two.
    Virulent anti-semite Farrakhan was not only a big booster of Barack Obama, but they’ve been pictured smiling together. What conclusions do you draw there? Their feelings dovetail? Do you believe Obama is an anti-semite because of that? Have you posted headlines indicating some collusion?
    If not, why not?
    Real talk: the media is losing trust and popularity very quickly. In a last gasp at saving yourself instead of straightening up and reporting facts as they are known, you are now painting critics as nazi sympathizers or colluders. Disgusting.

  2. The idea that an agency of government would refuse payment by government issued coinage/currency is IMHO just wrong.

  3. >Suburban Kansas City Residents Fight for Trees Instead of a Road Widening
    > bought his house on 1.5 acres three years ago
    >He and his family had lived on a standard-sized lot at 156th and Antioch Road

    Then they moved to a roadfront property with 5x larger lot, further into suburbia with no transit (not even 569 with 8 trips a day within half a mile), creating demand for more roads. Seems fair that it’s they who feel consequences of it.

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