Wednesday’s Headlines

A National Transportation Safety Board report issued Tuesday blames Uber’s disregard for self-driving cars’ safety risks and a distracted backup driver for a killing a woman who was crossing the street in Arizona last year, and calls for tightening oversight of autonomous vehicles on public roads (Bloomberg, CNET). That’s sure to be a topic of […]

Tuesday’s Headlines

President Obama started the TIGER grant program to fund innovative mass transit projects, but the Trump administration is spending most of the money on roads instead. (City Lab, Streetsblog) Attention, reporters: Research shows that when the media refers to car “crashes” or “collisions,” rather than “accidents,” and assigns agency to drivers who crash their cars, […]

Monday’s Headlines

Cars are killing us, part infinity: The Guardian reported on new research that links air pollution from cars to brain cancer for the first time. Nanoparticles that are easily absorbed into cells increase the risk by 10 percent for people who live on busy streets versus quiet ones. As Streetsblog has long pointed out, requiring […]