Today’s Headlines

  • Uber Execs Ridicule MIT Study, But Its Drivers Are Still Underpaid (Fortune)
  • Slate: The Hyperloop Is a Pipe Dream, and Its Supporters Are Dupes
  • Larry Hogan and Dems Reach Agreement on D.C. Metro Funding Bill (Post)
  • Thanks to Broken Shelters, Miami Bus Riders Wait in Rain and Blazing Sun (Herald)
  • Wisconsin Plummets in Bike-Friendly Rankings Under Walker (Urban Milwaukee)
  • Charleston Needs a Real Street Grid, Not More Suburban Roads (Post and Courier)
  • Idaho Legislators Resist Calls to Lift Restrictions on HOV Lanes (Statesman)
  • Buffalo Residents Turn to Facebook Shaming to Get Sidewalks Shoveled (News)
  • Pothole Amendment Could Derail Indiana’s Repeal of Light-Rail Ban (Star)
  • It’s Time for London to Expand and Reform Its Congestion Zone (The Conversation)

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