Today’s Headlines

  • Inspectors Uncover More D.C. Metro Safety Issues (WTOP)
  • Groups Say Firms That Operate D.C. Transit Treat Workers Unfairly (WAMU)
  • More Seattle Young People Are Riding Transit After Fares Reduced (Next City)
  • Milwaukee Mayoral Candidate Would Close Downtown Streetcar (Fox 6)
  • How Cities Can Convert Stroads to People-Centric Streets (Strong Towns)
  • New Dockless Bike-Share Promises to Eliminate Bike Clutter (Curbed)
  • Detroit Urban Freeway Could Become Surface Street With Bike/Ped Path (Curbed)
  • L.A. Metro Wants to Finish 28 Transit Projects Before the Olympics (KPCC)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Um “28 by 28” is pretty good – but not all transit projects – some highway, and even bike projects (plannign post on this later today at SBLA)

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