Today’s Headlines

  • Trump and Infrastructure: Dems in Conservative States (Hill) and Bloomberg Columnists Are All for It
  • Maybe Housing, Not $118,000 Parking Spots, Should Be Built at Light Rail Stops (Seattle Times)
  • Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Goes to Bat for I-5 Highway Widening (BikePortland)
  • Amazon’s Race to the Bottom Could Get Detroit and Its Suburbs to Push New Transit Plan (Crain’s)
  • Dockless Bike-Share: Good Review in Worcester Mag; Concerned Neighbors in Imperial Beach (Fox 5)
  • Atlanta Demonstrates Self-Driving Bus on Busy North Avenue Corridor (AJC, AP)
  • Providence Mayor Vetoes Legislation That Would Study Bike Lanes to Death (WPRI)
  • Buyer Beware: Texas Used Car Market About to Flood With Hurricane-Damaged Vehicles (Dallas News)
  • Illegally Parking in Middle of Street: Key to the Philadelphian Identity, or Something (Philly Mag)
  • Jalopnik Would Rather Kvetch About Parking Than Consider Going Car-Free in NYC

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