Today’s Headlines

  • Houston Metro Chair: Harvey’s Devastation Underscored Importance of Transit (Chronicle)
  • It’s Not Just Transit: Bikes Are Helping Houstonians Get Around After the Storm, Too (Chronicle)
  • Wisconsin Legislature Bans Eminent Domain for Bike, Pedestrian Paths (Cap Times, State Journal)
  • Classic Bikelash: Get a Grip, People — Bike Lanes Are Not Ruining Your City (
  • WMATA GM: Larry Hogan’s Funding Plan Isn’t Perfect, But It Might Be Good Enough (WaPo)
  • After Eight Years of Christie, Next NJ Governor’s Top Job Is Fixing Transportation (NJ Spotlight)
  • Nashville Legislator: Light Rail Is “Insanity” Because Robot Cars Will Save Us (Memphis Flyer)
  • Texas State Senator Launches Effort to Ban Red Light Cameras (Texas Monitor)
  • TB Times Talks With St. Petersburg’s Bike Coordinator About His Job
  • It’s Park(ing) Day! Visit Parklets Around Seattle (Curbed) and Other Cities

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  1. Everybody should read the article above about the Wisconsin Legislature & eminent domain. It is remarkable how thoroughly electing Republicans to public office can foul up people’s lives at every level.

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