Today’s Headlines

  • Trump Plays Coy About Working With Democrats on Infrastructure, Which He Promises He’s Working On (Hill)
  • Jarrett Walker: Auckland’s “Congestion-Free” Transit Framework Emphasizes Frequency, Speed, Reliability (CityLab)
  • Bus Ridership on Vegas Strip Plummets After Introduction of Uber and Lyft (Review-Journal)
  • Study: When Uber and Lyft Left Austin, Some People Turned to Private Car Ownership (Reuters, Verge, Engadget)
  • Bloomberg Made a Comic Strip About How Lyft Made the “Revolutionary” Decision to Charge Employees for Parking
  • Gates Foundation: Daily, Not Monthly, Parking Charges Most Effective at Reducing Car Commuting (Seattle Times)
  • Eno Dives Deep on Flaws in How Congress Funds the New Starts Transit Expansion Program
  • Salt Lake City Debates Whether to Take Incremental or “Big Bang” Approach to Transit Expansion (Tribune)
  • After Spurning Rail Expansion, Miami-Dade’s Mayor Still Excited About “Disruptive” Gobbledygook (Herald)
  • Nevada DOT Installs Pedestrian-Blaming Sidewalk Decals at Dangerously-Designed Intersections (News 4)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Nevada DOT says crashes are caused by pedestrians “not being visible” — translation: Drivers aren’t looking for pedestrians.

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