Today’s Headlines

  • Carmakers Fear Autonomous Vehicles Won’t Be as Profitable as They Initially Thought (Reuters)
  • Economist: Rise of Uber, Decline of Gas Guzzling Cars Will Lead Cities and States to Embrace Road Pricing
  • New Report on Portland-Area Congestion Doesn’t Actually Explain Why There’s Congestion (City Observatory)
  • Quartz Explains the Outdated Law That Killed Domestic Sea Shipping and Filled U.S. Roads With Trucks
  • Uber Shuts Down Subprime Car-Leasing Division Because It’s Losing Too Much Money (WSJ via Verge)
  • Sudden Arrival of Bike-Share Companies in Dallas Builds Pressure for Protected Bike Lanes (Dallas News)
  • After Attempting to Rip Out Bike Lane, Baltimore Returns to Drawing Board and Nobody’s Happy (Sun, WMAR)
  • WCPO Explores History of Criminalizing Walking and Making Streets for Cars in Cincinnati
  • Seattle City Councilor Questioning Jaywalking Laws Gets Support from Queen Anne & Magnolia News
  • Man Arrested for Battery After Intentionally Running Over Person Standing in Parking Spot (Palm Beach Post)

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  1. Subprime lending isn’t profitable or sustainable? Gee, what a shocker. Let’s add that to the list of things everyone else already knew but UBER just now seems to be learning/acknowledging.

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