Today’s Headlines

  • NRDC Sues Trump Administration for Halting Rule That Would Track Highway Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • The Nation Takes a Look at How Denver’s I-70 Widening Would Blast Through Low-Income Neighborhoods
  • Instead of Building New Highway, North Carolina to Spend $531 Million Widening I-85 (Shelby Star)
  • Trump’s Turbulent White House Continues to Insist Infrastructure Is “Still a Priority” (Hill)
  • Judges Often Make Bad Decisions on Transportation Cases — Exhibit A: Maryland’s Purple Line (Governing)
  • Kansas City Residents and Pols, Wanting Ample On-Street Parking, Push Higher Parking Minimums (Star)
  • Self-Driving Cars Could Revolutionize Parking, Impacting Municipal Bottom Lines (Governing)
  • Scariest Thing About Riding the Bus? Crossing Dangerous Streets, Waiting in the Sun (Houston Chronicle)
  • Boise Plans One Block of Protected Bike Lane in Front of City Hall (Statesman, KTVB)
  • City of New Orleans, Advocacy Group Open Temporary Protected Bike Lane (Curbed)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. That I70 widening plan is like something out of the 1960s. What a disaster for the city; I can’t believe anyone can seriously consider doing that. I’m glad there is strong opposition.

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