Today’s Headlines

  • Bucking Trump and House, Senate Committee Votes to Save TIGER, Boost DOT Funding (Hill, Bloomberg)
  • Food and Water Watch Sues Trump Administration Over Secrecy of Infrastructure Advisors (NYT, Hill)
  • Amid Subway Crisis, Chao Meets With Andrew Cuomo Today to Talk About Gateway Tunnel (NYT)
  • D.C. DOT Chief Leif Dormsjo Resigns to Take Job With Consulting Firm (WaPo)
  • Seattle City Council Members Debate Whether They Even Need Jaywalking Laws (KOMO, MyNorthwest)
  • Hawaii Legislature to Convene Special August Session on Funding Honolulu Rail Line (HPR)
  • Bike-Share Age Restrictions Lock Teens Out From Systems in Their Own Neighborhoods (CNN)
  • New Survey: Seniors Want to Live in Walkable Places, Too (Curbed)
  • Boston Built Pedestrian Time Into Its Traffic Signals But Useless “Beg Buttons” Remain (Globe)
  • Study: Britons Who Drive More Than Two Hours a Day Saw Faster IQ Drop (Times via Independent)

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