Today’s Headlines

  • Schumer Feared Infrastructure Would Split Dems, But Trump Led With Healthcare Instead (Axios, Vanity Fair)
  • In Wake of Obamacare Repeal Collapse, CityLab Urges GOP to Turn to Infrastructure
  • Seattle Has Made Little Progress Reducing Greenhouse Gases Because People Are Driving Too Much (KUOW)
  • Autonomous Vehicles Could Entrench Car Ownership Even Further (Guardian)
  • Car-Free Renters Typically Pay 16% of Their Rent for a Parking Spot They Don’t Use (Quartz)
  • Facepalm: National Renewable Energy Lab’s Suburban Denver Campus Has Lots of Free Parking (City Observatory)
  • California Transportation Chief: 65% of State’s New Transportation Spending Goes to Fix-It-First (Governing)
  • Cap-and-Trade Program Extended to 2030 After Bipartisan Vote by California Legislature Yesterday (LA Times, Streetsblog California)
  • Opposition to Oregon Bike Tax Crops Up From Republicans and John Birch Society (Fox News, New American)
  • Protected Bike Lanes Can Do the Most Good Where People Are Already Bicycling (Strong Towns)

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