Today’s Headlines

  • Public-Private Partnerships Can Work, But Government Must Be Careful Not to Get Screwed (NYT, Politico)
  • Shelley Poticha Pokes Holes in Trump’s Wall Street-Friendly Infrastructure Privatization “Plan” (NRDC)
  • Baltimore Mayor Says She Could Use Bogus Fire Truck Rule to Erase More Bike Lanes (Sun)
  • Building More Dense, Walkable Housing Is the Key for Cities to Support the Paris Agreement (Cascadia Weekly)
  • Meanwhile, in Seattle: 400 Apartments (Plus 260 Parking Spaces) Above New Light Rail Station (Capitol Hill Times)
  • It Looks Like the Atlanta Streetcar Is Back on Track After Series of Operational Problems (AJC)
  • Kansas City Streetcar Authority Endorses Route for Northward Extension (KC Star)
  • Hampton Roads Transit, With Falling Bus Ridership, Plans Light Rail Expansion (Virginian-Pilot)
  • Meanwhile, in Clemson, SC: Mayor “Very Interested” in Personal Rapid Transit Pod Cars (Independent Mail)
  • Meet the New Highway Expansion Plan, Same as the Old Highway Expansion Plan (Tampa Bay Times)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Not sure why you felt the need to editorialize the headline for the HRT light rail story: “Hampton Roads Transit, With Falling Bus Ridership, Plans Light Rail Expansion”. The linked article didn’t mention falling bus ridership. Also, bus ridership at most US transit properties is falling, but many are still studying high capacity transit. Why the snarky headline from a generally pro-transit blog?

  2. HRT is struggling with financial problems and falling bus ridership. See this recent story, which we’ve linked to in “Today’s Headlines” previously:

    Using capital dollars to add high-capacity lines to a transit system that is struggling to hold its existing ridership, in a region that shows few signs of encouraging transit-oriented, walkable land-use patterns, is a risky proposition.

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