Today’s Headlines

  • Sharp Rise Since 2010 in “Super Commuters” With 90+ Minute Trips to Work (Governing)
  • Planners Focus on Two Alternatives for Downtown Dallas Subway Link, Will Seek Federal Funds (Dallas News)
  • With Baltimore Bus Revamp Set to Launch and Purple Line on the Ropes, Maryland Replaces Transit Chief (Fox 45)
  • Empty Mall and Big-Box Parking Lots Increasingly Being Redeveloped, But They’re Not Necessarily Walkable (NY Post)
  • Voters in Sprawling Suburb Reject TOD: “We Love Our City and We Don’t Want It to Be Urbanized” (Denver Post)
  • Why Does U.S. Lag on Privately-Financed Infrastructure? We Use Tax-Free Gov’t Bonds Instead (Bloomberg, WSJ)
  • Albuquerque City Council Ensures Proposed 2-Cent Gas Tax Will Not Help Fund Transit (Albuquerque Journal)
  • Oregon’s Massive Transportation Funding Package Shortchanges Safe Routes to School (BikePortland)
  • Suburban Las Vegas Officials Surprised When Residents Ask for Road Diet and Median (13 Action News)
  • Tampa Bay Times: While We’re Building Massive Roads, We Should Make Sure They Can Allow Transit, Eventually

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