Today’s Headlines

  • Seattle and Los Angeles Transit Agencies Speak Out Against Trump’s Transit Cuts (MyNorthwest, Urbanist)
  • Missing in Reuters Story About Uber-Riding City Dwellers Who Go Car-Free: Any Mention of Transit
  • People Love Talking About Them, But Self-Driving Cars Do Not Yet Exist and Are Far in the Future (Economist)
  • Hampton Roads Transit Death Spiral: Ridership Drops, Pols Ask How Quickly They Can Cut Routes (Virginian-Pilot)
  • SC Lowcountry Needs to Build, Not Talk About, Streets Safe for Walking and Bicycling (Post and Courier)
  • After Blaming Crash Victims, Boston’s Mayor Announces Year-Round Bike-Share Expansion (Globe)
  • Bike-Share System Launches in Louisville With 305 Bicycles (Courier-Journal)
  • Virginia Regional Planning Organization Puts Final Nail in Coffin for Bypass Highway (Charlottesville Tomorrow)
  • Pennsylvania DOT Changes Onerous Rule That Stalled Bike Lanes Across the State (BCGP)
  • Clever Denver Transit Planning Tool Asks Public How to Spend Transit Funds Most Efficiently (TransitCenter)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. After referring to TNCs as “ride services” for most of the piece, Reuters slips up and calls them “ridesharing” toward the end. It’s amazing that they can talk about someone going car-free in NYC without mentioning the subway.

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