Today’s Headlines

  • Chao to Senate: List of “Principles” Coming Soon (CNN), But Don’t Expect List of Priority Projects (Hill)
  • Former Indy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith Pushes Public-Private Partnerships as Infrastructure Cure-All (Reason)
  • Detroit Streetcar Raises Questions About Role of Business and Foundation Funders (Inside Philanthropy)
  • Robert Puentes: Why Have Transit Systems Across the Country Been Losing Riders? (US News)
  • Dayton Transit Agency Offers Discounted Lyft Rides to Rural Riders Transferring to Buses (Dayton Daily News)
  • St. Louis Alderman Jeffrey Boyd Pushes City to Tackle Deadly Speeding (KSDK)
  • SF Supervisor Wants Delivery Robot Ban: “Sidewalks Are Made for People, Not Robots” (Recode, Wired)
  • Sacramento Will Host Its First Open Streets Event on Sunday (Bee)
  • Grand Forks, ND, Homeowners Protest City’s Push to Build Sidewalks (WDAZ)
  • Columbus, GA, Announces Bike-Share System (WTVM)

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