Today’s Headlines

  • People’s Climate March Fills the Streets to Protest Trump’s Assault on the Environment (NYT)
  • What Happens Once It’s No Longer Cheap to Finance New Car Purchases? (Frontier Group)
  • Silicon Valley Goes Nuts Over Shiny Video from Elon Musk’s Vaporware Tunnel Project (Verge)
  • Forget Driverless Cars — CNET Looks at the Future of Driverless Buses
  • Las Vegas Sun Blasts County Proposal to Build Elevated Expressway From Airport to Strip
  • Boston-Area Foundation Offering Up to $100,000 in Grants for Cities and Agencies to Implement BRT (Globe)
  • Milwaukee Pedestrian Advocates Stage Demonstration Where Woman Was Killed Crossing Street (Urban Milwaukee)
  • Statistics Don’t Bear It Out, But Arizona PBS Gives Megaphone to People Who Think Light Rail Brings Crime
  • After Pronto’s Demise, Seattle Could Be Ground Zero for Bike-Share Start-Ups (Seattle Bike Blog)
  • Columbia, SC, Prepares to Launch Bike-Share System (The State)
  • Fargo-Area Homeowners Declare Victory After Killing Plan to Install Sidewalks (West Fargo Pioneer)

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