Talking Headways Podcast: The Battery Powered Electric Bus


This week I’m chatting with Matt Horton of Proterra, a company that designs and manufactures battery powered electric buses. We cover the basics of electric buses, power consumption and recharging, the benefits and costs, as well as potential environmental effects.

4 thoughts on Talking Headways Podcast: The Battery Powered Electric Bus

  1. I saw the specs on their website. These buses pretty much negate any excuses not to use electric buses. NYC needs to go all electric as soon as practical.

  2. I’ve been interested in Proterra electric buses for a while, and this was an informative interview. Writing from Switzerland [a great and established green market], I do hope the sales and learning opportunities overseas won’t all be left to the competition.

  3. The question about any bus in NYC is whether it will be durable enough to handle NY’s mileage, potholes and other abuse. Plenty of buses that were fine elsewhere failed here.

    I’m not sure if Proterra would qualify, but it would certainly be worth buying a few to find out. That might induce other bus manufacturing companies to move to electric drive.

    They could start in Manhattan, the place where diesel deliveries are the most difficult, and work their way out.

  4. If durability is the issue, perhaps it might be possible to retrofit existing models which already have proven themselves with electric drive. The hybrid-electric buses which comprise a large part of the fleet are already 90% of the way there. You would basically just need to put a large battery pack where the diesel engine is.

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