Today’s Headlines

  • Trump Ready to Obliterate Obama’s Climate Progress (WaPo)
  • Trump Looks to Move Infrastructure and Tax Reform Simultaneously (Axios)
  • Transport Experts Wonder Where the Money Is (Governing)
  • To Meet Climate Goals, California Needs Denser Housing and Less Driving (LA Times)
  • How Much Does Uber Have Riding on Self-Driving Cars? (CityLab)
  • Christie Signs $400M Bill for Jersey Transport, Tilted Toward Roads (AP)
  • Philly’s “Overworked, Unstable” Transit Line Is Key to City’s Growth (Billy Penn)
  • Report on Minnesota Cycling Finds Benefits for Jobs, Health (StarTrib)
  • Twin Cities Could See Bus Cutbacks Under State GOP Proposal (StarTrib)
  • How MARTA Access Is Transforming One Atlanta Neighborhood (Curbed)

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