Today’s Headlines

  • Census Shows Population Losses in Cities, Growth in Suburbs (Governing, FiveThirtyEight)
  • Lawmakers See Tax Repatriation as Source of Funds for Infrastructure (The Hill)
  • MD Gov. Larry Hogan Tells Trump Admin About His Pet Road Projects (WaPo)
  • Elaine Chao Talks Trump, Tech, Personal History With USA Today
  • Dallas Can’t Count on Federal Funds for Its Transit Plans (D Mag)
  • Miami Voters Divided on Mayor’s Transit Tax Idea (Miami Herald)
  • Tuscaloosa Leader Rallies for Keeping Amtrak in Alabama (WBRC)
  • How Suburban Sprawl Robbed Schoolkids of Sleep (CityLab)
  • DC-Area Companies Offer Bike-Share Benefits to Lure Millennials (WaPo)