Today’s Headlines

  • Trump Thinks He Can Get States to Start Building $1 Trillion in Infrastructure in 90 Days (WSJ)
  • Trump Weighing $6 Billion Cut to HUD, Axing Community Development Block Grants (WaPo)
  • Infrastructure Genius Elon Musk Has Trump’s Ear (Market Watch)
  • Civil Rights Groups, Environmentalists Suing to Stop the Expansion of I-94 in Milwaukee (Planetizen)
  • Boston’s MBTA May Privatize Maintenance on its Bus Fleet (Boston Herald)
  • Jersey City to Construct Its First Protected Bike Lane (The Jersey Journal)
  • Will Toor: State of Colorado Must Pitch in to Support Transit (Colorado Statesman)
  • Two Slow-Speed Driverless Shuttles Are Operating in San Ramon, California (KQED)
  • Three in Four Americans Scared to Ride in a Self-Driving Car (AAAnews)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Elon Musk is not an “infrastructure genius”. This is the same man who thinks private citizens should be able to build their own tunnels and who thinks the self-driving car will revolutionize transit without solving the geometry problem inherent with private automobiles. He’s a brilliant salesman and he is developing revolutionary new technology that will address our ever-growing energy needs, but other than the hyperloop (which has even less likelyhood of being built in the US than HSR) I can’t think of anything that would qualify him as an expert in infrastructure.

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