Today’s Headlines

  • Trump Thinks He Can Get States to Start Building $1 Trillion in Infrastructure in 90 Days (WSJ)
  • Trump Weighing $6 Billion Cut to HUD, Axing Community Development Block Grants (WaPo)
  • Infrastructure Genius Elon Musk Has Trump’s Ear (Market Watch)
  • Civil Rights Groups, Environmentalists Suing to Stop the Expansion of I-94 in Milwaukee (Planetizen)
  • Boston’s MBTA May Privatize Maintenance on its Bus Fleet (Boston Herald)
  • Jersey City to Construct Its First Protected Bike Lane (The Jersey Journal)
  • Will Toor: State of Colorado Must Pitch in to Support Transit (Colorado Statesman)
  • Two Slow-Speed Driverless Shuttles Are Operating in San Ramon, California (KQED)
  • Three in Four Americans Scared to Ride in a Self-Driving Car (AAAnews)
  • Michel S

    Elon Musk is not an “infrastructure genius”. This is the same man who thinks private citizens should be able to build their own tunnels and who thinks the self-driving car will revolutionize transit without solving the geometry problem inherent with private automobiles. He’s a brilliant salesman and he is developing revolutionary new technology that will address our ever-growing energy needs, but other than the hyperloop (which has even less likelyhood of being built in the US than HSR) I can’t think of anything that would qualify him as an expert in infrastructure.

  • AMH

    I think that description was tongue-in-cheek.