Today’s Headlines

  • DC Metro Moves Forward With Fare Hike, Service Cuts (WaPo)
  • Boston Unveils 2030 Transpo Plan (Boston Globe)
  • California Preps to Battle Trump Over Vehicle Emissions (Atlantic)
  • APTA Study Highlights How Transit Riders Help Power the Economy (CNN Money)
  • Bike Portland Takes Pulse of National Bike Summit in DC
  • Why Kansas City’s Failed Experiment With Bridj Could Still Help Transit (Wired)
  • How Will Bike-Share Shape Louisville? (Insider Louisville)
  • Chicago Transit Authority Kicks Off 70th Anniversary Celebrations (TimeOut)
  • Berlin Plans New Cycling Superhighways (CityLab)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Berlin’s standard of no more than 30 seconds of holdups per kilometer is incredible–U.S. cities need to adopt something similar. It’s important to design cycling infrastructure for safety, but cyclists’ time matters as well.

  2. it’s just another indication how civilized cities consider cycling to be a legitimate mobility solution.

    We are still mired in the 1950s mindset. The rest of the world is long past Robert Moses

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