Today’s Headlines

  • Trump Preps for Infrastructure Talk, But Congress Is in No Rush (The Hill)
  • In Texas, A Flurry of Bills Threaten High-Speed Rail (Dallas News)
  • Lyft Expands to New Cities … As Uber Does Damage Control (CNN Money)
  • Why Trump’s Attack on California Rail is Concerning (Wired)
  • D.C. Coalition Pushes For Building More Housing By Transit (GGW)
  • America Walks Creates New Transit-Walkability Collaborative
  • Debunking the Idea That Suburban Sprawl Pollutes Less Than Cities (Planetizen)
  • Strong Towns on Shreveport’s Misguided Plan to Build a Highway Through the City
  • Why Businesses Shouldn’t Worry About Losing On-Street Parking (Fast Coexist)