Today’s Headlines

  • This Boston Suburb Turned Street Parking Into a Pop-Up Bus Lane (CityLab)
  • Auto Loan Delinquencies Hit a New High (The Car Connection)
  • What We Can Learn About Infrastructure Spending From the Stimulus (Brookings)
  • Lawsuit Against Albuquerque Bus Rapid Transit Dropped (ABQ Journal)
  • Globe and Mail: Self-Driving Cars Will Give Power Back to Pedestrians
  • Congress Making Bipartisan Push for Urban Development Tax Credit (NextCity)
  • Red Light Camera Ban Moving Forward in Florida (CBS Local)
  • Safety Standards to Be Raised on CA Highways That Run Through Urban Areas (SF Examiner)
  • When Red States Focus on Climate Change, They Use Different Words (Scientific American)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. Just like home ownership, when you incentive private car ownership to the near exclusion of all other options, is it any surprise that people fall victim to predatory behavior? You “HAVE” to have a car, so you will do almost ANYTHING to get one, and that includes high-risk loans.

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