Today’s Headlines

  • More Than 40,000 People Were Killed in Traffic in the U.S. Last Year, a 6 Percent Increase (NYT)
  • …Washington State Bucks the Trend (Seattle Times)
  • World Bank Releases New Tool for Measuring “Accessibility” (Brookings)
  • Study: Drivers Less Likely to Stop for People of Color in Crosswalks (NPR)
  • South Carolina Withholding Custody of Four-Year-Old Boy Until Parents Get a Car (WCIV)
  • Dutch Town Adds LED Crosswalks (Engadget)
  • Baltimore City Councilman Wants to More than Double Fine for Parking in the Bike Lane (Baltimore Sun)
  • States Giving Localities Less Aid Since the Recession (Governing)
  • Construction Has Started on New Haven’s Highway Teardown (Revitalization News)