Today’s Headlines

  • Governors Send Trump Wish List of Infrastructure Projects (McClatchy)
  • Can Trump Actually Deny Federal Funds to Sanctuary Cities? (AP)
  • California Republicans Want White House to Block Money for High-Speed Rail (LA Times)
  • What Diplomats and Urbanists Can Learn From Each Other (CitiScope)
  • Will a Fossil Fuel-Friendly White House Affect Car Ownership Declines? (Curbed)
  • Philly’s Transit Car Shortage Expected to Continue (AP)
  • Growing Rochester, MN, Needs a Game-Changer Transit Plan (MPR News)
  • In Seattle, a Common-Sense Reason to Increase Density in U District (Seattle Times)
  • Houston Bike Advocates Press for Action After Two Light Rail-Related Fatalities (Houston Public Media)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Re California Republikans, what’s with English-speaking “conservatives” being so cavalier about attacking their own constituents? Putting this in perspective, it means California Republikans are demanding the federal government give California less of its own money back. It’s not Montana Republikans doing this to California. It’s not an interior vs. coasts pissing match. The same behavior is frequently exhibited by “conservatives” in other U.S. states, as well as in Canada and Britain.

    Compare to someone like Merkel, who in some ways might be to the right of any of them. She’ll take the steamiest shit she can get away with on Greece, but interfering with the operations of another government for no material gain would not happen.

  2. It’s worth reminding everyone that the diversionary tactics that the CA Republicans are trying to use will literally only hurt Caltrain, not CAHSR. The leg to San Francisco is not part of initial operating segment, so all this does is delay when the electrification would occur. Also, cancelling the electrification will put 500 jobs in Utah that would’ve gone to build the new equipment in jeopardy.

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