Today’s Headlines

  • Governors Send Trump Wish List of Infrastructure Projects (McClatchy)
  • Can Trump Actually Deny Federal Funds to Sanctuary Cities? (AP)
  • California Republicans Want White House to Block Money for High-Speed Rail (LA Times)
  • What Diplomats and Urbanists Can Learn From Each Other (CitiScope)
  • Will a Fossil Fuel-Friendly White House Affect Car Ownership Declines? (Curbed)
  • Philly’s Transit Car Shortage Expected to Continue (AP)
  • Growing Rochester, MN, Needs a Game-Changer Transit Plan (MPR News)
  • In Seattle, a Common-Sense Reason to Increase Density in U District (Seattle Times)
  • Houston Bike Advocates Press for Action After Two Light Rail-Related Fatalities (Houston Public Media)