Today’s Headlines

  • Uber CEO Leaves Trump’s Advisory Council Thanks to #DeleteUber (NYT)
  • House Committee Lays Groundwork for Infrastructure Plan (NPR)
  • Study: Tax Incentive-Based Transportation Plan Would Fund Urban Toll Roads (Hill)
  • GOP Senator Fischer Floats Transpo Funding Bill (The Hill)
  • U.S. News & World Report Gives Some Bio Details on Elaine Chao
  • Galveston Loses Federal Transit Funds After Hurricane Ike Population Drop (McClatchy)
  • Super Bowl Helps Mend Uber’s Relationship With Houston (AP)
  • Denver Plans to Open New Commuter Rail Line This Year (Denver Biz Journal)
  • Architect’s Newspaper: U.S. Suburbs “Next Fertile Ground for Experimentation”
  • What If Bike Maps Looked More Like Subway Maps? (CityLab)

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