Today’s Headlines

  • U.S. DOT Issues Memo Highlighting Accomplishments During the Obama Era
  • Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo Releases Plan to Pedestrianize Parts of the Center City (Guardian)
  • NY/NJ Port Authority Fined $400 Million for Chris Christie’s 2010 Canceling of ARC Tunnel (NY Post)
  • San Diego, Struggling to Shift Away From Driving, Falling Short of Climate Goals (KPBS)
  • Study: America’s “Net Tax” on Gas Has Fallen by Half Since 2003 (Carbon Brief)
  • Legislation Allowing Vote on $5.5 Billion MARTA Expansion Introduced in Georgia (Curbed)
  • Trying to Make Nice With Cities, Uber Releases Traffic Data (WaPo)
  • Vox: Why Uber Lost $2.2 Billion in Nine Months
  • AP: Call Uber and Lyft “Ride Hailing” Apps, Not “Ride Sharing”