Today’s Headlines

  • Trump’s Hazy Plan to Create an Infrastructure Task Force (WaPo)
  • New York Times Examines Ben Carson’s “Warped” Views on Housing
  • Uber Admits Its Self-Driving Cars Have Problems With Bike Lanes (Guardian)
  • U.S. Mayors Vow to Stay Strong on Climate Change (Governing)
  • With Federal Funds, Gulf Coast Rail Set for Revival (The Advocate)
  • Amtrak’s Northeast Upgrades Will Depend on Trump (Skift)
  • How Better Bike Infrastructure Can Help Baltimore’s Inequality (CityLab)
  • NJ Transit Blames Revenue Drop on Cheaper Gas Prices (
  • Clevelanders Continue to Air Concerns About Public Square Bus Ban (Plain Dealer)
  • Fake News Poison Spreads to… Philly Bike Lanes? (Metro)

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