Today’s Headlines

  • Feds Lay Out Vision for Northeast Rail (AP)
  • Trump’s Infrastructure Scheme May Run Into Resistance From Mitch McConnell (WaPo, American Prospect)
  • Harvard Infrastructure Expert Offers Thoughts on Trump’s Plan (Harvard Biz Review)
  • Flouting California Rules, Uber Continues Testing Self-Driving Cars (NYT)
  • 2017 Holds Uncertainty for Maryland’s Purple Line (WTOP)
  • Outside NYC, a More Urban Suburbia (NYT)
  • Northeast Rail Plans Include Amtrak Stop at Philadelphia Airport (Inquirer)
  • Why an Easy Transit-Funding Solution Isn’t in the Cards for Nashville (Nashville Biz Journal)
  • Tucson Tentatively Explores Creating Transit Authority (Arizona Daily Star)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. I’m excited as any rail supporter would be by the NEC stuff, but there are some problems here:
    1. At $120B, what will the fare on Amtrak need to be? It is already too expensive for many people on the Northeast Corridor, explaining the booming inter-city bus traffic. Which leads to…
    2. When will inter-city bus service get some respect and prioritization in the NEC? Chokepoints like the Lincoln Tunnel need bus-only lanes in both directions 24/7/365. Expand bus lanes and bus-only cue-jumps at other chokepoints along the NEC (GW Bridge!) so that inter-city buses are faster than driving a car. Let’s use the stuff we’ve got, which means….
    3. In places like Philadelphia, make the existing SEPTA train to the airport function better. It should run more frequently than 2x/hour, and be faster than a taxi. Besides, taking Amtrak to the airport may cost more than the flight after the $120B.

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