Today’s Headlines

  • Some Cities And Counties Are Letting Transit Slide, Hoping Uber Will Fill the Gap (Slate)
  • CA Regulators Halt Uber Autonomous Vehicle Pilot in SF After Car Runs Red Light Into Crosswalk (electrek)
  • Auto Sales Slumping (WSJ)
  • In 35 Years, Boston Parking Meter Prices Have Gone Up 25 Percent, Transit Fares 275 Percent (Globe)
  • Detroit Debuts Plans for Downtown Protected Bikeway Network (Curbed)
  • Seattle Begins $21 Million Loan Program to Boost TOD By Light Rail Stations (NextCity)
  • U.S. DOT Releases a “Toolkit” for Interacting With State DOTs (CityLab)
  • Study: Self-Driving Cars Will Increase Highway Capacity a Lot (SSTI)
  • The Most Polluting States Went for Trump (Atlantic)