Today’s Headlines

  • HUD Pick Ben Carson Never Actually Lived in Public Housing (Washington Examiner)
  • Professional Rail Critic Randall O’Toole Worried Elaine Chao Is Too Pro-Rail (Lincoln Times News)
  • Factsheet: Why Uber Won’t Kill Transit (TransitCenter)
  • Drivers Hit 20 Pedestrians in Toronto and the CBC Blamed It on the Rain
  • Dan Savage: Fatalities in the “War on Cars” Are Never Cars (The Stranger)
  • Leaked Trump Energy Plan Aims to Roll Back Fuel Economy Standards (Center for Media & Democracy)
  • EPA Proceeds to Finalize Emission Standards Through 2025, Ahead of Trump’s Term (Detroit News)
  • Are Suburbs Really “Outperforming” Cities Like the Urban Land Institute Claims? (City Observatory)