Today’s Headlines

  • More Coverage of Trump’s Transportation Secretary Pick, Elaine Chao (NYT, NPR, WaPo)
  • The Takeaway Explains Why Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Could Be Just a Tax Cut for the Rich
  • How Will Obama’s Desegregation Efforts Fare Under Trump? (The Atlantic)
  • Pricetag on LA Carpool Lane Rises to $1.6 Billion — Traffic Still Hasn’t Improved (LA Times)
  • Carmel Indiana Now Has 100 Traffic Circles (CityLab)
  • In More Walkable Cities, the Government, Not Property Owners, Pays for Sidewalks (Fast Company)
  • Washington Suburbs Want Transit to Keep Cost of Living Affordable (WaPo)
  • How Should We Help Shrinking Cities? (Urbanophile)