Today’s Headlines

  • Many House Transportation Committee Leaders Face Tough Reelection Campaigns (Politico)
  • Lone Star Rail Proposal Linking Austin and San Antonio Killed by Regional Planners (Austin Monitor)
  • NACTO’s Global Street Design Guide is Live (NextCity)
  • Seattle Times Endorses $54 Billion Light Rail Measure
  • Austin Opens “Dynamically Tolled” Highway Lane (Community Impact)
  • Montgomery County, Maryland, Opens Second Protected Bike Lane (GGW)
  • Plan Would Rezone Two-Thirds of Portland Neighborhoods for More Density (Portland Tribune)
  • After $74 Million Widening, Seattle Street Just Two Seconds Faster for Drivers (Geekwire)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. The Seattle Times Editorial Board unfortunately hasn’t taken a position yet on ST3. The linked editorial was written by three members of the ST Board.

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