Today’s Headlines

  • Ed Glaeser on Why So Much Infrastructure Spending Is Wasted (Vox)
  • Adie Tomer: It Will Take More Than Light Rail to Fix U.S. Transit (NextCity)
  • Anthony Foxx Says He Expects Automakers to Voluntarily Comply with New Safety Guidelines (Reuters)
  • Planners Will Try to Fix a Sprawling Section of Suburban Maryland (NYT)
  • Mexico Bets on Gondolas (Japan Times)
  • Gentrification and Bike Lanes — The Guardian Considers the Connection
  • Pedestrian Deaths Up 60 Percent This Year in Minnesota (Star Tribune)
  • Cleveland Will Test Connected Buses (Plain Dealer)
  • U.S.’s First “Dutch-Style” Unsignalized Intersection Installed at Texas A&M (TTI)