Today’s Headlines

  • Atlanta Beltline Founder Explains Why He Resigned From the Organization’s Board (Creative Loafing)
  • Where Should the Next Billion People Live? (Nature)
  • Forbes: Inner-Ring Suburbs Need Some Attention
  • New Urban Development Will Test El Paso’s Vision for Smart Growth (KFox14)
  • Detroit Aims to Restore Density in Midtown, Where Rising Rents Have Attracted Developers (Mlive)
  • Public Transit Must Be Fast, Cheap and Convenient (Torontoist)
  • Survey Shows Detroit Transit Vote May Be Close (Free Press)
  • Admiring Germany’s New Bike Superhighway, the Radschnellweg Ruhr (Urban Omnibus)
  • Seattle Pedestrian Waits 26 Minutes for Walk Signal (K5)
  • Survey Unpacks American Attitudes Toward Self-Driving Cars (Washington Post)

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  1. I ridden on German long distance cycle paths. They are amazing. And completely inexpensive to create. Short distance commuters are using them.

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