Today’s Headlines

  • Clinton vs. Trump on Infrastructure (The Hill)
  • White House Expands Smart Cities Focus
  • Aging U.S. Transit Systems to See Rise in Federal Funding (WSJ)
  • Paris Bans Vehicle Traffic Along Seine Riverbank (Guardian)
  • Lower Speed Limits Approved in Seattle (Seattle Times)
  • In Boston, Advocates Push for Late-Night Bus Service (Boston Globe)
  • The Success Story of Denver Transit (WSJ)
  • Majority of Maine Voters Support Transportation Bonds (Portland Press Herald)
  • Dallas Leaders Prioritize Downtown Subway Above Suburban Service (Dallas News)
  • Who Pays for Detroit Streetcar If Transit Tax Fails in November? (Crain’s)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Night buses seem like a great idea. You typically don’t have congestion/traffic problems at night, so the usual big problem with buses (running in mixed traffic) isn’t such a big deal, as long as stop spacing is wide enough — and it should be if they’re basically duplicating the subway routes above ground.

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