Today’s Headlines

  • Uber and Lyft Want to Replace Bus Service in Sprawling Areas (Bloomberg)
  • How Many Americans Don’t Know How to Ride a Bike? (FiveThirtyEight)
  • 46 States Now Ban Texting and Driving (State Knowledge Center)
  • 10 Cities That Are Booting Cars Off Their Streets (Business Insider)
  • Dallas Plans to Build a Parking Deck on a Highway Deck (Dallas News)
  • FTA: Closing Cleveland’s Public Square to Buses Would Violate BRT Agreement (Plain Dealer)
  • White House Sets New Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy Trucks (WaPo)
  • FRA Awards $25 Million for 11 Positive Train Control Projects (Global Travel Industry News)
  • “Transit Armageddon” Coming to New Jersey if New Tunnels Aren’t Fast-Tracked (
  • RedFin Ranks the 10 American Cities Building the Most Walkable Development (Construction Dive)
  • david vartanoff

    Despite the flashy and expensive “stations”, BRT, as with any other bus line can simply be rerouted to become less useful. Thanks Cleveland RTA.

  • neroden

    Despite exclusive lanes, BRT can be filled with other traffic. See Chicago Loop Link.

    Railroad tracks are the only way.