Today’s Headlines

  • Diane Rehm Show Examines the Urban Shift Against Car-Based Planning
  • Transit Champion Robert Kiley Dies at 80 (WaPo)
  • Cities Catch on to the High Cost of Free Parking (Governing)
  • Despite Bipartisan Backing, Twin Cities Orange Line Needs Cash (StarTrib)
  • Denver Tries Out Free Lyft Rides to Light Rail (Denver Biz Journal)
  • St. Louis Parking Funds Go Toward Transit Expansion Study (STL Today)
  • A Visualization of Bike-Share Traffic in Three Major Cities (Vox)
  • South Texas Explores Options for Passenger Rail (Austin Biz Journal)
  • A Slew of Bike Projects Get Funding in Orange County, California (KPCC)
  • Activist Wants to See More Black Cyclists in Atlanta (Bicycling)
  • The Right Way to Design a Freeway Underpass (Curbed)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. The parking story in Governing is sad because it took almost 12 years for this well-regarded journal to come around.

  2. Why is Governing a well-regarded journal? They’re publishing articles written by Americans For Prosperity, which is a Koch Brothers sock puppet, without the conflict of interest warnings that are a standard of reputable and competent journalism.

    For this article, they’re not really coming around to recognizing that subsidized car storage is a city-scale cancer. Shoup is characterized as an ivory-tower eccentric, and the author does his best to . Human-oriented development is mischaracterized as an impossible social engineering project. Ridership statistics for the Washington Silver Line are taken out of context to “show” that rail expansion is a boondoggle, even though it takes several years for rail ridership to stabilize and infill development to occur, and assumes that the rail expansion is backed by sensible zoning and land use laws.

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