Today’s Headlines

  • GOP Transportation Platform Recycles Old Ideas — Like Defunding Transit (Politico)
  • Foxx Calls for Tough Safety Regulations on Driverless Cars in Light of Tesla Wreck (LA Times)
  • Transit Was Key in Bringing the RNC to Cleveland, But It’s Under Threat (WaPo)
  • Political Convention Cities Highlight the Gross Inequality Within Modern Cities (NYT)
  • Massachusetts House Okays Bill to Fine Driver $100 for Parking in the Bike Lane (WWLP)
  • Victory: Charleston City Council Votes to Install Bike Lane on Key Bridge (Post & Courier)
  • Lansing, Michigan, May Throw Out Plans for Bus Rapid Transit (WILX)
  • Walkable Cities Have Higher GDP and Education Levels, Study Shows. Why? (BBC)
  • Strong Towns Introduces the “Walmart Index,” Examining Tax Productivity of Big Box Stores