Today’s Headlines

  • Train Defects Shrink Philly Regional Rail Fleet By a Third, Problem May Last Months (InquirerUSA Today)
  • A Parade Float That Threatens to Kill Cyclists — It Happened Last Weekend in Columbus (Dispatch)
  • Detroit to Host Series of Open Streets Events Beginning This Fall (Downtown Detroit)
  • Who Likes the Gas Tax? Young People, People Who Don’t Drive, Low-Income People (Frontier Group)
  • CA Gas Stations Want Warning Label About Cap-and-Trade But Not Global Warming (E&E News)
  • Suburban Des Moines Residents Pack Meeting to Oppose Sidewalks (Register)
  • Op-Ed: NC Lawmakers Have Blocked Light Rail, So Durham-Orange Should Do BRT (News Observer)
  • The Radical Feminist Cycling Gang Fighting Gentrification in L.A. (L.A. Weekly)
  • The Troubling Decline of Street Hockey in Canada (Guardian)

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  1. The Street Hockey article misses a really big factor in the decline of kids in the street: community design. Take an old neighborhood street which used to serve just the houses in the immediate few blocks. Now it is a feeder from the subdivision on the edge of town, the way to the Big Box store now that the small stores have all shut, and overflow free parking for all the extra cars needed.
    So there are a lot more cars, and more cars make playing in the street arduous and dangerous. Kids don’t want to move aside too often in a game; it just gets ridiculous.

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