Today’s Headlines

  • Advocates Demand 30 Miles of Protected Bike Lanes in Philadelphia (NBC Philly)
  • Council Members Want “Progressive” Changes to Austin Mayor’s $720 Roads Bond Plan (Statesman)
  • The Link Between Walkability and Growth (NextCity)
  • No Driver’s License, No Job (The Atlantic)
  • Mayor Says Detroit Isn’t Shrinking Anymore (The Dirt)
  • Florida Cop Sued After Having Dog Attack Man for Riding Bike Without Lights (WinkNews)
  • Study: Charleston Bike Lane Isn’t Slowing Traffic Much (ABCNews4)
  • Photo of Car-Filled Bike Lane Angers Richmond Bicyclists (WTVR)
  • SuperQ

    30 miles? They’re demanding 280 miles in Berlin.

    218 miles of that is basically taking many of the small side streets and turning them into “bike-only” roads with exceptions for local access.