Today’s Headlines

  • Barcelona’s “Superblocks” Concept Would Limit Cars to Major Thoroughfares (Guardian)
  • Top 5 “Infrastructure Emergencies” Include Metrorail, Gateway Tunnel (The Hill)
  • Denver Highway Opponents Protest Outside Anthony Foxx’s “Smart City” Visit to Denver (Denver Post)
  • Kansas City Streetcar Carried 57,000 Riders Its First Week (KC Star)
  • Google to Patent “Flypaper” Innovation to Protect Pedestrians Hit By Self-Driving Cars (Mercury News)
  • Pima County to Limit How Long Pedestrians Can Stand in the Median (Arizona Daily Star)
  • The West’s Natural Lands Are Disappearing to Sprawl (Huffington Post)
  • Houston Mayor Wants Residents to Embrace More Than Cars (Chronicle)