Today’s Headlines

  • Boston City Council Votes to Lower Speed Limit to 20 MPH on Most Streets (Universal Hub)
  • Google, Uber, and Ford Launch Self-Driving Car Lobby (Tech Wire)
  • D Magazine: Does Texas’s Newly Free-Flowing SH 161 Disprove “Induced Demand?”
  • Driver Critically Injures 6-Year-Old Akron Boy on Bike; Victim “Won’t Be Cited” (Plain Dealer)
  • Seattleites Disappointed With New Five-Year Bike Plan (The Stranger)
  • Uber Preparing to Exit Houston Because of Its Rules (Texas Tribune)
  • Arkansas Posts Depressing Videos of Downtown Little Rock Highway Widening Plan (Arkansas Online)
  • Akron’s New Planning Director Wants to Put the City’s Roads on a Diet (Crain’s Cleveland)
  • WSJ: Increase Housing Density to Lower Rents in Cities
  • The “Car-Free” Neighborhood Design for a German Suburb (Fast Company)

2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Kudos to Boston city leaders for lowering their speed limit! There is going to be lots of push back from motorists, but this has the potential to a more effective way of reducing pedestrians fatalities and serious injuries than just about any other policy they could implement.

  2. Regarding the “Car-Free” neighborhood in Mannheim, Germany. The developer of this new suburb is “Traumhaus” which is German for “Dreamhouse”.

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